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goedkope virtuele assistent

About us

Een presentatie op kantoor

Our story

How it started

UpVirtual was founded in 2018 from a passion to make the corporate culture more flexible and efficient. We are all familiar with the traditional way of working, but the new opportunities that remote working can offer entrepreneurs are extremely valuable.

I am Lilia, the founder of UpVirtual and I have been active in the corporate world for many years. I have gained a lot of experience over the course of my career in positions such as management, sales, marketing and Social Media management. One of the absolute highlights of my career was my management role in a hotel. Here my competencies were highly boosted, because I was jointly responsible for setting up a multi-million dollar company. I was also responsible for the sales and growth of the company.

After years of performing at a high level, I wanted to share all my experiences and knowledge with other entrepreneurs. In my management positions I was used to working from home or at other locations and I believe that in business it is about the people and their qualities. Those are not tied to a fixed workplace. With this motivation I started offering Virtual services to entrepreneurs.


virtuele assistent

It was a challenge to make entrepreneurs realize that a Virtual Assistant who performs work remotely can be just as valuable as an employee on their own work floor. Things like fast and good communication, reliability, efficiency and quality are very important if your team works partially or completely remotely. 

And then came Covid...

Since this event, working from home or working remotely has become much more accessible. It is also inevitable that with current technologies and tools, remote working is the next step. 

Mission and vision

Within UpVirtual there is an atmosphere that is driven by integrity and passion for entrepreneurship. We strive to support as many entrepreneurs as possible and to experience growth and success together with them, this gives us satisfaction. To achieve this, it is important for us to grow, develop and stay updates of new developments in our field and the overall market.

Our team is carefully selected based on their competencies and work experience. But that's not all. We all have something we're good at, but do we really enjoy the job? Do we get energy from it? Are we really doing the work that gives us satisfaction? Or is it just a way of making money?
UpVirtual works with people who are passionate about their work and is working hard to expand the team with even more driven professionals. 


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