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Your Virtual Assistant  
for all the work that you don't get to finish.
Productive . Proficient . Professional .

Your secret weapon to save time for what gives you energy.

As an entrepreneur you try to keep everything under control as best as possible. It's almost the end of the day and you don't have enough time to doing the tasks that you have been postponing for weeks. It feels like 24 hours in a day is too short to get all the work done. Now what? 

A Virtual Assistant takes 
the tasks off your hands, so you can focus on your core business instead of the peripheral matters. Your Virtual Assistant is your extra pair of hands within your organization, so that you have more time for the work that gives you energy.

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Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

Flexible Packages

All packages can be canceled monthly. Do you expect a less busy period?
No problem at all! You can adjust the subscription to your needs. This way you only pay for the hours that can be used effectively.

Starts within a week 

Starting from the first meeting, your
VA can get started within a week! Virtual Assistants have a lot of experience in the common processes, systems and different working methods within companies. This allows them to start immediately after a briefing.


A major advantage of a VA is the ability to multitask and take on a variety of tasks. For example, if you need someone for administration and customer service, or other services, you can assign your VA to do all! Our VA's have multiple skills. This also saves you costs!


Your VA works through a clock-in system in which the work is registered. You can choose a daily, weekly or monthly report. This way you retain insight into the hours worked and the work that has been done.

Less work pressure

Your Virtual Assistant takes over all your tasks that distract you from your core activities. This means that tasks are not left behind and you can create more balance between your work and private life.

Cost saving

An advantage of working with a Virtual Assistant is that you do not have to pay for a laptop or a workplace. Your VA often works from home or a flexible workplace and has the necessary resources to support you. Another big advantage is that you do not have to pay for paid leave, sick days, pension and insurance. You only pay for the services you purchase.


Our services

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Project Management

Content Creation

Social Media


Mailbox management

Customer service



Data processing


Office management


Personal VA

R. Jansen - Create Academy

In de afgelopen 3 jaar ondersteunt Lilia van UpVirtual mij met mijn coaching bedrijf. Zij heeft mij veel rust gegeven, ik heb meer tijd om te besteden aan mijn cliënten. Ik laat mijn mailbox, het proeflezen van documenten en social media beheer over aan haar. Tijdens onze meetings inspireert ze mij en denkt zij mee met mij, een hele fijne sparpartner. Ze is heel creatief, toont veel initiatief en voert het werk goed en vlot uit. Zo laat ik taken waar ik geen tijd voor heb, met volle vertrouwen over aan UpVirtual.
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Running a business takes time, money and energy.
You can earn money;
You can charge energy;
But time is your most precious asset.

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